A proof of concept vehicle

Concept vehicle

The L.F.I.N.O. is a proof of concept vehicle designed to explore the possibilities of incorporating V.T.O.L. technology and advanced fuselage aerodynamics into the modern gyroplane.

Using a fully articulated 3-bladed rotor system, the L.F.I.N.O. will be able to perform zero roll takeoff and landings, enabling operators to use tightly confined areas usually accessible only by more expensive helicopters. A partially-powered rotor system also minimizes drag by the rotor system, allowing for an increased cruising speed and additional range.


Triple-tail surfaces and a centered horizontal stabilizer, along with Centerline Thrust, ensures stability in all regimes of flight even under adverse weather conditions.

The cabin holds two occupants, and uses a pedestal-mounted instrument console providing an unobstructed view.


The autogiro is compatible with a flight control system, so that images and data can be provided from the equipment which has been installed on board and constitutes a demonstrative archtype valid for future development.

Among the applications for which it can prove to be appropriate, the following ones are included: watch or surveillance, Georeferenciated Information for accurate agricultural, environmental or geological studies. For this, laser scanner systems, laser propmpters, hyperspectral camaras and others can be used.

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